Tips for a successful field trip:

1. Make sure field trip is tied to your content area and is relevant to what you are studying in class.
2. Even though you are in the walls of your own classroom, you still need to play the part of facilitator and/or guide.
3. Make sure you plan ahead:

  • Provide an intro lesson giving some background knowledge.
  • Preview all sites and links to make sure they work and that there is no inappropriate content.
  • Provide students with a graphic organizer to collect information on their trip.
  • Give students direction on what they need to do, find, see, remember.
  • Have a culminating activity for students to complete to share what they have learned.
4. Enforce a time limit.
5. Decide whether the field trip will be whole class or completed in small groups.
6. Inform parents about your field trip and have a signed permission slip.

Do NOT -

  • Set students free on the web with no guidance or expectations
  • Present a field trip without previewing it first.
  • Stop at the end of the field trip - make sure you follow up with an extended learning activity for students to make connections with the trip and the content.

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Additional Links and Resources:

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