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Benefits of Blogging While reading about the 'how to's' and 'why's' of blogging in the classroom; I have come across three reoccuring statements about the benefits of blogging:

  • Blogging is highly motivating to students; especially those who may not normally participate in open class discussions.

  • Blogging promotes more opportunities to read and write.

  • Blogging can be utilized as a form of collaboration (within the class or with other classes around the globe) and discussions - again, allowing an avenue for students to express themselves.

The many uses of blogs

There are so many different ways to utilize blogs in your classroom.

1. Classroom Management - create a blog to post:

  • class requirements
  • class syllabus
  • presentations
  • handouts
  • podcasts
  • rubrics
  • assignments
  • notices/announcements
  • question/answer board
  • communicatin portal for parents

2. Collaboration - create a blog to collaborate and showcase learning with others.
3. Discussions - create a blog to foster discussion on a varity of topics pertaining to your content area.
4. E-Portfolios - create a blog to showcase students work:

  • Creative writing
  • podcasts
  • multimedia creations
  • other documents

Other ideas for integrating blogs into your curriculum:
- Students take turns on writing 'Weekly Reviews' on a book that is being read in class, or a movie, a television special, etc.
- Students post lab entries to collaborate and discuss scienctific experiements and discovery
- Practice critqueing a website and providing rationale
- Students create a newspaper story covering a district event - include pictures
- Role play and discuss different perspectives: when studying geology - write as though they are the rock; when studying history - blog or post a podcast as a person from the past

Embedding Video into your blog:

external image embedding.jpg
Embedding video is so easy - For example, if you have a video from TeacherTube - click on the video - find the 'Embeddable' code - copy this (this is called HTML code)

Open up your blog - New Post - paste code (make sure your 'edit html' tab is selected)